🔨 Editors, Nail It on the First Cut. Here's How...

It's time for the 1st Cut, are you ready...?

Lesson #5: Editing Your 1st Cut

Your main focus for this first cut is this…

  • Lay down your main track

  • Add your stock music

  • Tighten up the story

  • Export the rough cut to the client

✂️ Lay Down Your Main Track

Ignore your b-roll for now - unless it’s all you have.

And start laying down the story-driven footage. This is usually your interview footage, and this first pass is about, you, the editor, creating a storyline from the sound bites. You’re creating a mini three-act structure inside your promo video.

And, all this set to your stock music of choice.

🎹 Choosing Stock Music

With the endless options at hand, how do you choose which song to go with?

Here are three considerations:

  1. Dynamics - Does the song change up the pattern? Or is it a loop?

  2. Avoid High-end frequencies - Hi-hats, guitars and high-pitched synths can interfere with your interview audio.

  3. Tempo/Speed - Does this beat wake me up or put me to sleep?

📺 Watch the entire lesson here: https://geni.us/million-dollar-course


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