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🗃️ Lesson #4: Starting Your Project

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Video Editors! We are in the thick of it.

Let's get our hands on this Million Dollar Edit and show it who's boss.

But first...

🔎 Here's How to Never Lose Footage Again:

It's three simple folders, neatly packed together on your hard drive.

When I was first starting as a professional video editor, I worked as an assistant editor under my mentor, Josh Carley. Josh is an incredible story-driven editor, and it was my job to find, sort, organize and "pre-edit" all of our major video projects.

And if I failed at any one of those jobs - Josh was gonna bring the hammer down.

But he taught this foundational way to organize all footage, assets, music, and project files.

📁 You first create three master folders:



📁Project Files

And then, you apply this to every single project you're ever going to work on for the rest of your life.


Then you break into your assets folder, where things get even MORE organized…

The bigger the project, the bigger the demand for impeccable organization.

But practice on your small and personal projects. The lasting effect of this organization is speed. You will be flying from one project to the next when you implement this folder structure into your lives.

When I know where all my footage is - I can out-edit the f*ck out the competition.

Can't catch me.

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  4. Getting your marketing team back on your side as their go-to video editor

I know that we're all just ONE small tweak away from turning our dull, boring videos into multi-million dollar edits.

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