🤩 How to Talk on Camera With NO Teleprompter

How do I become a natural in front of the camera (without becoming a tool)?


The world is telling you that we need MORE VIDEO CONTENT.

And you're the face of your company, so...it's showtime!

But how do I become a natural in front of the camera (without becoming a tool)?

🥵 Go It Alone...

As a cinematographer, I have sat behind the lens as powerful, multinational CEOs sit down and sweat their ass off - trying to get this script delivered properly.

And they were using a teleprompter!

My only thought in this scenario is... "I wish these folks could record this alone in a room without an audience."

🕧 Find the time. Reserve the conference room.

🍕 Send your family off to go get pizza, and take this time for yourself.

💃 So Much Room for Activities...

The best examples of newbies recording themselves is using a screencap software like Loom (https://www.loom.com).

And why do they always look so natural?

Because they have something to do. Sitting awkwardly in your spare bedroom trying to say something witty never works out.

Instead, have something to do, something to show, something to read.

Nearly all of my past livestreams have been led by a slide deck just off-screen.

Here's an example:

🪃 Fail, Fail, Fail...

This is where having a second or third camera battery comes in handy. Hit record, and just let the camera roll.

You're alone in your room - mess it up, start over, start from where you left off.

Only you and your editing software will see all the mistakes.

🎥 Create. Commit.

Much like writing online for the first time, it's scary...you feel like you're free-falling and the whole world is watching.



  1. Commit today that you're going to practice being on-camera.

  2. Commit that messing up is okay.

  3. And commit that you'll hit record button more than once.