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One of my biggest fears as a younger video editor was…

Lesson #3: Marketing Strategy & Planning

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One of my biggest fears as a younger video editor was… being afraid of confrontation.

My fear was that if I spoke up, asked the wrong questions to the wrong person, that I'd be packing my shit. Walking off the set - never to be seen again.

And so…

I avoided asking those glaringly obvious questions at the start of every project. Through avoiding the "pain", I ended up hurting the project and my chances for advancement.

Guess what?

Questions Aren't Confrontations.

It's okay - we're all professionals here. We can handle a tough question.

You're not going to get fired...relax.

So, when you're going into this marketing meeting for the first time, don't be afraid to speak up. Learn the language, so that you can keep up with the conversation. Become a student of the game.

You'll have your marketing team, your boss, your clients looking to for inspiration so enough.

But remember to never outshine the master...


Jordan P. Anderson

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