👋 Video Editors Are INSANE Ping-Pong Players...Here's what I mean...🏓

“It’s okay. But can you make it better?”

Lesson #6: The Ping-Pong of Feedback 🏓

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Get it done. And send it over.

My editing mentor, Josh Carley, explained the client feedback process perfectly. He said that, you, the editor, are playing ping-pong with your client. And you never want the ball to drop twice into your court.

So, get your next cut done fast and serve it back into the client’s court.

💬 How to Get the Right Kind of Feedback…

“It’s okay. But can you make it better?”

Look, we have to give our clients the benefit of the doubt.

This is not their world - they didn’t go to film school. Clients have their opinions, but they’re not always sure about how to articulate their video feedback.

So here are three tactics to keep the conversation from going off the rails…

  1. Every note needs a timestamp. If you can’t find the note, then how can you make the edit?

  2. Single Point of Contact. Designate one person on the client-side to be your liaison. All feedback flows through them - and them alone.

  3. Collect all notes into one document. Force your clients to reconcile with conflicting notes. Is the logo too big or too small?

Watch Lesson #6

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