The Insane Key to YouTube Success

It has nothing to do with when or how much you post...


✅ Wanna know the true key to YouTube success?

It’s not by…

❌ Posting 3X per Week

❌ Creating Shorts, or

❌ Publishing at the “right time”

It's this... 👇👇👇

🖼️ Thumbnails....

If you check your analytics, MOST of your viewers are from people that DON’T SUBSCRIBE to your channel. They are new, fresh faces who have no context as to who you are.

So how do we attract cold audiences? With a great hook.

📜 The First Step isn’t Your Script...

“We gotta play the game, and this is the game YouTube wants to play.”

Many content creators believe that a catchy script will hook their audience.

“All the great YouTubers start with great scripts, right?”


Mr. Beast is quoted in the book, "The YouTube Formula," to starting every project - not with the script (or even the title) - but with the thumbnail.

Create the thumbnail and then reverse-engineer your video to fit that thumbnail.

Another YouTuber, Pat Flynn (@patflynn), told me that his team develops up to 10 different thumbnails PER video.

Start every project with your thumbnail.

We gotta play the game, and this is the game YouTube wants to play.

✏️ What about the Title...?

Titles are your 2nd most important thing on your YouTube checklist - but here’s where people get it wrong....

Wasted storytelling space.

We only have so much time and space to tell our stories on YouTube - and we want to maximize our storytelling real estate.

Therefore, don’t repeat your message in your thumbnail and title.

Your thumbnail will read, “1,000 YouTube Tips” and your title will read “1,000 YouTube Tips”.

Wasted real estate.

What other aspects of the story can you emphasize?

Or create curiosity?

“YouTube Tips will 100X Your Channel in 10 Days” -

Now we’re talking…

Thanks for reading!

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