👋 You have to start a side hustle or else...

Saving $200 a month from your paycheck isn't going to cut it.

The 3 Lanes of Wealth (or Lack Thereof)

The Millionaire Fastlane describes three financial routes that are available to us all:

  1. The Hitchhiker

  2. The Slowlane

  3. The Fastlane

Hitchhikers float around town. They are driven by others and have no control over their financial lives. They rely on others to have a plan for them. And the plan? Not much of one.

Slowlane is your classic 9-5 lifestyle. Try to get a raise at work. Quit that job to go get a bigger raise somewhere else. Rely on your 401K, so you can enjoy your life when you’re 70 and only have 4 years to live.

Finally, the Fastlane, a 10-year route where you build leverage points like businesses, properties, and cash-flowing products so that you can drive wherever you please going 220mph.

The takeaway? Your 9-5 is a hopeless dead-end. And it’s time we all start to create leverage in our lives.

Building Leverage in 2022

Most rich Boomers will tell you to buy real estate, go buy a cash-flowing business like a car wash or a gas station.

Many of us pushback, because we don’t have a down payment for this business to which THEY will push back saying, “You only need $30,000 using seller-financed practices.” Cool, grandpa. Again...$30,000.

I myself have floated the idea of buying a car wash, laundromat, or opening up a weed dispensary. But all of these require startup cost and you’re gambling that this business will be operational in the years to come.

Instead, look to the internet.

Digital Products for Life

Launching a course, e-book, template, guide, or service is the easiest on-ramp to the Fastlane.

Everyone wants to learn something new, avoid college and get re-certified so they can make more money themselves. And you’re going to be the one to offer it.

The startup cost is under $500 in the first year. Zero dollars if you’re selling your first product.

But what can I offer other people? I’m just a regular person.

Exactly. A regular person who has lived a full life and has acquired VERY specific skills and experiences from everyone else.

What comes easy to you? What gets you in the zone?

Cool - sell that. Teach that. Offer that.

You don’t have a choice in this matter. Your 9-5 cannot be the only thing providing comfort and security in your life. You have to create leverage points. You have to find the on-ramp to the Fastlane.

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