👋 YouTubers! Kill Your Intros

Do you want to Skip Now? Of course...

There’s a reason Netflix added the SKIP INTRO button.

You are losing tens of thousands of views on your video because of your intros. That Envato After Effects Intro animation where clips of you are flying around in blue and red colors - it’s the sole cause for audience drop-off.

Delete it.

The Life Cycle of Your Audience When Watching A Video

(in seconds)

0-2: Is this for me?

2-10: Will this answer my question?

10-30: Should I keep watching?

30-End: Should I watch to the end?

Here’s what you think it’s doing...

  • It sets a cadence for the show (The Tried & True Principle)

  • It gives new people a sense of what the show’s about

  • It’s great for branding

What Your Intro is ACTUALLY doing...

  • Becomes noise to your core audience, where they predictably skip past it.

  • New subscribers want to know if the video answers their questions. An intro offers zero context or value.

  • Your channel is not a cable TV show. Branding in this sense needs to stay in the 2000s.

  • Annoying your audience and making them impatient

How to Set Up a Killer Intro

After you’ve deleted that intro animation, you’re going to find filling the gap a non-issue.

Hook your viewers with a great question. The best question to pose is the one they’re searching for. Then, literally say the phrase, “...in this video...” and follow that up with the bullet points you’ll be covering.

Then, simply start delivering the info. Point #1 should be your BEST one out of your list.

Your audience is constantly scanning and reassessing on whether your video is answering their question. When you get to the point and deliver the goods, their mind will be at ease.

  1. Hook with a question

  2. Tell your viewers what’s in this video

  3. Deliver the BEST point first (not last)

Jordan P. Anderson

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