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Creating & Being Content
Got a DM from my BOSS... 😨
Got a Slack DM from my Boss… He told me that one of my latest ads I edited brought in over $20,000 in sales in less than 24 hours. $20,000 in revenue per day…for a year is…$7,300,000!! 💰💰💰 Here’s the ad: https://fb.me/1MzBsG6Pk0Ozijm This Zero-Budget Ad took me less than 3 hours to create…
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Creating & Being Content
You Can't Save Your Client's Video...
I remember like it was yesterday... 😵 My wife and I had just gotten married and were living in an upstairs apartment of an old 1800s Louisiana house with roaches, mice, and the occasional tropical storm. We were out. After a six-month job search, we landed back in my wife's hometown of Fairfax - a short 30-minute ride outside of DC…
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📱 Apps I’m Using:

  • Notion

  • SamCart

  • Typedream

  • Adobe Premiere

  • After Effects

  • Affinity Photo (one of those guys)

  • Miro

  • Hey.com (A godsend)

  • Loom

  • Slack

  • Discord

  • TubeBuddy

  • Substack (obviously)

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